About Us


Over the past 35 years, Rob Van Helden has established a reputation as one of London’s top florists. Born and brought up in Holland, it was only a matter of time before he was bewitched by the flowers that surrounded him on a daily basis, and he forged the beginnings of his remarkable career.

Moving to London, he developed his talent into a thriving business, which is now known for creating exceptional and inimitable floral designs for clients in the UK and abroad. Rob, now supported by a phenomenal team, has created floral designs to include Pierce Brosnan’s wedding, Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball, Royal weddings, film premieres, charity events, and the most glamorous international society parties.

By personally looking after all of his clients – consulting and nurturing, cajoling and calming them, Rob adds extra value to his already priceless service, a value that is rare to find in this day and age.

“Shapes of arrangements are important to me. I am a perfectionist and pay great attention to detail, but I also like designs to look natural and not contrived. I love to work with a mass of one type of flower, as this is the way in which flowers tend to grow in the wild, and I particularly like to try to incorporate fruit, vegetables and herbs in to my work”.